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4. answer: fashion designer ~
Brand recognition:
BURBERRY BURBERRY LONDON, BURBERRY RRORSUM, only for the Japanese market BLUE LABEL, BLACK LABEL When BURBERRY or Burberry’s … …, which will evoke me in the mid-nineties of last century, the first time to understand the memory of this brand. Impression is old-fashioned, with the traditional impression of the British as old-fashioned, excellent quality because of the style of the old age and become a nightmare – not bad to wear can not throw, the price is not cheap ah! Burberry’s into the Chinese market is at that time, nearly 150 years of history, worthy of pride in the past glory, are no longer. Burberry’s has been known as a clothing manufacturer for all British aristocratic leisure sports, golf suits, archery suits, tennis suits, fishing climbing ski suits, warriors of British officers in the First World War, and later evolved into windbreakers , The last century five or sixties, from the king, politicians to the Hollywood star, almost too many people have a Burberry trench coat.

Burberry Outlet

Burberry Outlet

Burberry Outlet

Burberry Outlet
Can be to the nineties, Burberry’s image at that time, more like a guardian of the ancestral family business, only Wei Well Well, not more than one step in the middle of the pool, in order to maintain fame and fortune, had toss their own no fun.

Perhaps very old fashion, very British Style, but absolutely with the fashionable missed, with the young people missed.

This is the 1998 Italian-American Roberto Menichetti accepted the invitation, as Burberry’s creative director of the situation. At that time, the British side of the Strait, the European fashion brand old and famous young sports, has long been in full swing, and the effect is outstanding.

Is the long hair to keep the shoulder, cattle tall horse, and even looks a bit clumsy simple and honest, the actual hobby sports designer, People magazine in 2000, “the most sexy designer”, thoroughly Burberry’s decadence Sweater and sweater dresses with round boots, narrow collar double breasts knee coat with fit leather pants, bottle collar shirt plus cardigan jacket, outside and then set a short leather jacket, lower body with A Word knee skirt … … a series of inspiration from the cycling clothes of the new design, showing a fresh, modern and subtle British fashionable, refreshing. And that there is a red flag of the tassel scarf, really can not help but heart happy. He even thoroughly to Burberry’s Logo also changed to the current BURBERRY.

BURBERRY, as if suddenly grew up in the old family in the younger generation, epigenetic awesome, coupled with the Department of well-known door, once again in the fashion industry for their own place.

Burberry Outlet

Burberry Outlet

Burberry Outlet

Burberry Outlet
From the first BURBERRY and Burberry’s start it, let us see how to distinguish between the two signs of real imitation. First of all, this is the most direct and easiest way to identify, that is, to see the case of LOGO, if it is lowercase, it is certainly imitation. Because since 2000, Burberry’s into BURBERRY, it shows that since then produced things should be capitalized BURBERRY.

Then you have to say, then if I bought the goods before 2000 how to distinguish it, then look at the end of the lowercase “s” is above or below, if it is below to see “s” Before it is not like “.” The same small point, in fact, that small point to see is a “?”

And then from the famous Knight LOGO will be easier in the clothing class and blue standard cloth bag to distinguish it. Genuine embroidery techniques are very delicate, sewing high degree of adhesion, and the shape is obvious, very three-dimensional. Imitation of the embroidery techniques rough, sewing fit is not high, of course, the shape of the blurred.

Next, the finishing part of the majority of BBL, both in the Japanese market only BURBERRY BLUE LABEL and BURUERRY BLACK LABEL, the former on behalf of female models, after the men’s logo.

First posted on the introduction of BBL:
◎ About Burberrys Blue Label, is the British alone licensed to the Japanese production and sales of the brand, so only in Japan, the exclusive sale of blue label of goods, in Taiwan or other countries the official introduction of Burberrys goods store, is not see Blue standard goods, and blue standard product features, in addition to maintaining the original check pattern, but also the young fashionable goods, not as Burberrys old-fashioned, in terms of price, but also to the people more people, with So many high-quality features, coupled with the great magazine’s exposure, celebrity endorsement of the go-between (nine beauty girl – Yoshikawa Rina), growing popularity, its goods out of stock frequently, especially jeans for the most, and Even gigi Gigi is also put it down ~ ~

◎ product variety In addition to the basic Burberry Burberry bags, clothing series, the blue standard products also like other product development, jewelry, tea equipment and other categories are included, anyway, as long as it is marked Burberrys Blue Label goods, Japan People love to death. BURBERRY BLUE LABEL and BURUERRY BLACK LABEL stores are available outside of Japan.

Can also be resolved from the size:
Because BURBERRY BLUE LABEL and BURUERRY BLACK LABEL version is relatively small, suitable for oriental, most have waist design. Clothing class BURBERRY BLUE LABEL Nine% 38, 36 is rarely the size of the dress, 40 size is also very small usually jacket size.

It can be seen, Burberry windbreaker logo size of the label should be white, and the above figures that size. Another can be seen, imitation goods brand around the car is very uneven. On the washing and tag identification of all BURBEEY products are usually marked and tag, the above will have the original model, the type of label and tag models are consistent.

On the model, summed up: bag models for the beginning of ZA, wallet for the ZB, clothing FA. So imitation products will not be customized for these different products, different standards, usually the case is a standard in the end.
The following is the real thing to wash the standard can be seen, FA on behalf of clothing. Then you must ask, and if I bought the cut is the standard?

First of all, Burberry BURBERRY goods absolutely no so-called “outflow of goods”, sometimes we will hear that someone’s BURBERRY is the cut out of the goods, 99% are imitation, because even if there is a cut, In fact, not really much, it will certainly be the first factory employees to buy, and can flow to the market is absolutely rare. The words on the blue standard are usually B U R B E R R Y LONDON BLUE LABEL In the same item, only one of the icons shown in the following figure (including the illustration above) appears on the blue label:
First look on the imitation of the blue label to see: a lot of people will say, very good ah, are not capitalized misspellings, what is the problem? And then look at the genuine blue label look carefully, you will find that imitation goods blue around the car do not accept the job.

Burberry Outlet

Burberry Outlet

Burberry Outlet

Burberry Outlet
Then, look carefully at the LOGO font, you will find that the real thing BURBERRY, LONDON and BLUE LABEL interval gap is different, LONDON words will be more on some. And imitation of the no, the three are the same distance.

Some people say that if the zipper is YKK, it certainly is not genuine Burberry trench coat. This argument does not even, because BURBERRY really has some products using YKK zipper. Because the goods from Burberry BURBERRY all over the world, such as: Britain, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, etc., so the zipper such parts will be directly on the use of YKK.

On the model, summed up: bag models for the beginning of ZA, wallet for the ZB, clothing FA. So Burberry imitation goods will not be customized for these different products, different washing, usually the case is a standard in the end.

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